Webcast vs webinar: discover their differences and uses

Webcast versus webinar

Webinar or webcast, which is better, and how do they differ? With the rise of virtual events around the world, particularly since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of companies and institutions have taken advantage of these online broadcasting methods.

However, many people tend to confuse these two terms. Although webcasts and webinars are web broadcasts aimed at a very wide audience, these transmissions have very different characteristics in terms of their functions, for example, in terms of the collaborative aspect of the audience. 

So, if you are interested in learning more about this topic, then you are in the right place! As Resolve Collaboration Services, specialists in the production of virtual events and broadcasting technologies, from Toronto, we will explain the differences between a webinar vs. a webcast. Don’t miss this great informative opportunity! 

Let’s get started!

What is a Webcast?

The definition of a webcast is simple: it is an online transmission of a meeting, event or conference. Also, a webcast is recorded and the presentation is one-way (from the presenter to the audience). In addition, webcasts have no precise time limits or time restrictions, as they can be viewed at any time. 

Therefore, users with an Internet connection are able to watch webcasts on different devices. However, webcasts tend to be a bit more restrictive or closed, as audience interactions during the broadcast are controlled as part of an engagement.

Either way, the audience is free to participate, submit questions or make comments. Generally, it is mandatory to be registered or have an invitation to view a webcast, as the data obtained is then analyzed to evaluate the performance of the online presentation. 

Likewise, the transmission of virtual events can range from corporate presentations, conferences, marketing presentations, training courses, etc. Another important aspect of these meetings is that they are recorded so that people who did not attend can review what the presentation was about.

In this sense, webcasts allow thousands of viewers to watch online broadcasts. For these reasons, webcasting services are excellent for reaching a larger audience, instantly. It is even possible to disseminate all kinds of information effectively, without investing unnecessary money in travel.

What is a Webinar?

Compared to a webcast, the definition of a webinar is more specialized.

webinar is any virtual training event, whether on a specific topic, about a company, to position a brand or to present a product. At this point, we could say that the objective of these web conferences is to share knowledge, ideas and updates with a large audience, through an online platform.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the word webinar combines the words “web” plus “seminar”. The main characteristic of this type of online broadcast is that these events are delivered live. In other words, the presentations are in real time and allow the audience to participate freely.

In this sense, webinars are effective in forming a two-way communication between attendees and organizers. Attendees share knowledge about something, and viewers can submit questions and comments to get answers on the spot. 

As a result, many industries take advantage of the flexibility of webinars for everything from industry to business to training.

For example, most webinars in recent years have been about technology, scientific discoveries, product introductions, corporate training and health-related issues.

In addition, webinars promote one-to-many communication, and vice versa. The use of these online tools helps to channel the audience’s attention effectively, as webinars offer many interactive features, from chats, polls, calls to action, etc.

So what is the difference between a webcast and a webinar?

The big difference between these methods of broadcasting virtual events is their presentation format. Webcasts can be pre-recorded or live, while webinars are in real-time. Therefore, the transmission of information is not the same, since webcasts can be viewed at any time and webinars cannot. 

Although, webinars can be archived and reviewed at later time.

Another fundamental point is interactivity. While webcasts are one-way, webinars do allow direct interaction during the presentation between the viewers and the hosts. In addition, the audience in a webinar must be prepared to participate, while in a webcast this is not necessary. 

For these reasons, webinars are more collaborative than webcasts. In addition, webcasts are planned for thousands of people to replay the transmission, with no time or schedule restrictions. Webinars, on the other hand, are designed for hundreds of people to interact during the presentation.

Plan your webinar or webcast, with the experts at Resolve Collaboration Services

Now that you know the differences and uses of a webinar vs. a webcast, what are you waiting for to apply this information?

Both forms of online presentation are equally effective for getting the word out about your ideas, your products, services or your business in general. However, it is crucial that you think carefully about your audience reach, interactivity or viewing limits.

So, if you want to plan a successful virtual event for your company or organization, we are the ones to call! We are the most prestigious webcast and webinar service provider in Canada.

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