What is a Hybrid AGM?

Our Hybrid AGM solution includes support for online and in-person presenters with seamless integration across any distance.

Enable your speakers to present from the location of their choice.

What is an AGM?

Hybrid Event What is it

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is an important yearly event in many organizations’ calendars.

It provides an opportunity to speak directly to members and stakeholders and share important information on past years achievements, accomplishments, and challenges.

It allows for leadership to receive feedback and input directly from members and for members to express concerns they have.

The rules by which an AGM are governed vary between jurisdictions, but in general the following key items may be included when you hold an AGM;

  • Review and approval of the minutes of the previous years AGM
  • Presentation of the company or organizations financial performance
  • Presentation of the leaderships vision and plan for the upcoming year
  • Voting on the selection of various positions
  • Voting on other issues of specific concern to the membership such as social or environmental policy directions

Why is a Hybrid AGM Important?

An AGM is an important tool for transparency in any organization, so it is important that the membership be given the opportunity to observe and participate fully.

This can present a significant challenge when the membership is widely distributed either nationally or globally or when physical gatherings have limited restrictions such as during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Conducting a Virtual Hybrid AGM can ensure that the membership is engaged and given the opportunity to speak and be heard while still allowing a portion of your members and presenters to meet in person.

There are logistical challenges to producing a Hybrid AGM and our team is experienced at helping you navigate those challenges to ensure the successful delivery of your Hybrid AGM.

Hybrid AGM is an AGM produced where some the of speakers, presenters and participants are located remotely in the own homes or offices while some gather in groups at one or more locations.

Many companies are using this model during COVID-19 where certain jurisdictions have a wider reopening while others still face significant lockdowns. 

How does Resolve Help?

Resolve Collaboration provides you with the tools and support necessary to plan and deliver the perfect Hybrid AGM. 

We start by ensuring our Account Manager works closely with you and one of our Sales Engineers to understand the exact nature and scope of your AGM agenda and provide a detailed accurate quote that includes all the features, functions, capabilities, and capacities your Virtual AGM requires.

Our team will work with you to understand the distribution of your speakers, presenters’ moderators and audience and ensure a seamless transition between in-person and remote speakers.

Next our Account Manager and Sales Engineer will facilitate a smooth transition to the primary Producer that will be your guide through the entire delivery process. 

Your Producer will work with you to coordinate your remote speakers and ensure they are properly briefed on the technical aspects of delivering their content.

Each speaker will be individually tested and certified to ensure they have properly functioning cameras, speakers, and microphones on stable and reliable Internet connections.

Your producer will coordinate with the technical liaison at the venue where some of your presenters are meeting in person to ensure that those speakers in the room are properly connected with those speakers connecting remotely and that both sets of speakers have their content relayed to the remote participating audience.

Your Producer will review and verify the supporting materials for your Virtual AGM; slide decks, videos, downloads and voting questions are properly prepared, formatted and staged on the broadcast platform and if last minute changes are needed our Producer is ready to assist.

When needed Resolve Collaboration can dispatch an on-site support team to assist with the production of the Hybrid AGM from the in-person venue where some of your speakers or presenters may be gathered in-person.

All necessary COVID-19 screening and social distancing practices will be respected and required.

Your Producer will be your liaison between the online and in-person participants and will ensure that key communications between the two worlds flows smoothly. 

Your Producer will review contingency plans in the event that any of your key participants are suddenly unable to attend at the planned in person location due to local COVID-19 restrictions or other last-minute emergencies.

AGM day has come, now what?

On the day of your AGM our talented pool of Help Desk Operators will be online and standing by to assist not only your speakers but your audience.

We understand the importance of ensuring your membership can vote, respond, and raise issues and their voices are not lost due to minor technical issues.

You can focus on smoothly moving through your agenda without being distracted by any support requests that may come in from the audience.

During your Hybrid AGM, your Producer is online with you every step of the way and ensures your speakers hit their mark and that voting is performed at your direction with access to the results in real-time.

If your voting needs are highly complex or require specific third-party validation we work with and can integrate with many of the online voting systems available today.

After your Hybrid AGM, you will meet once more with your Account Manager, Sales Engineer and Producer to review the final delivery of your Hybrid AGM.

We will review how everything went and any lessons learned, since you will be doing this again next year!

We will provide access to a downloadable copy of all of the relevant data from your Hybrid AGM; participant lists, voting results, questions submitted, etc, so that they can be integrated as necessary into your formal AGM minutes and historical record.

Your AGM Success is in our hands

We understand that producing a successful Hybrid AGM can seem like a daunting challenge, but you can be assured and rely on the confidence we have from producing Hybrid AGM’s and events for 16 years.

The pandemic has changed the way many of work and do business, but with Resolve Collaboration as your professional reliable Hybrid AGM partner you can look forward to a successful Hybrid AGM.