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Award Shows

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An awards show can foster a positive and appreciative workplace culture. By hosting this type of event, you can recognize the hard work, creativity, and commitment of your team members across departments and levels within the organization. It provides a platform to publicly recognize and appreciate the efforts of individuals and teams who have gone above and beyond in contributing to the success and growth of the organization.


Hosting awards show virtually or in a hybrid format presents several challenges that organizers need to address to ensure a successful and engaging event. With careful planning, innovative solutions, and leveraging technology effectively, virtual and hybrid awards shows can provide a meaningful and engaging experience for participants and audiences.

Why Resolve

With a wealth of experience spanning decades, Resolve Collaboration specializes in orchestrating memorable and well-received award shows for companies and organizations. Our meticulous technical coordination and strategic planning guarantee a seamless and glitch-free event, providing a gratifying experience for all participants.

Elevating the awards show presentation to extraordinary heights, our suite of enhanced production elements encompasses captivating onscreen graphics, dynamic titling, and seamless video playback. We go beyond the ordinary, transforming the event into a captivating experience that transcends the conventional boundaries of day-to-day meetings.

Technical Expertise

We leverage extensive technical know-how, and implement a robust and reliable infrastructure, mitigating the risk of poor connections, audio/video disruptions, and platform-specific issues. Rigorous testing and contingency plans are in place to handle any unforeseen technical glitches seamlessly.

Interactive Elements:

To combat the challenges of virtual engagement, the production team incorporates interactive elements that captivate the audience.

Distraction Management

Recognizing the potential for distractions in a virtual setting, Resolve Collaboration employs innovative strategies to maintain audience focus. Engaging visuals, dynamic content, and strategic timing are utilized to create an immersive experience that captivates attention throughout the event.

Logistical Precision

Meticulous logistical coordination is a hallmark of our approach. From pre-event training sessions for presenters and awardees to ensuring they have the necessary equipment, the production team meticulously plans and executes every detail, minimizing delays and hiccups.

Creative Technological Solutions:

To overcome the limitations of virtual events in terms of creativity and innovation, the production team explores cutting-edge virtual features and technologies.

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