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Resolve Collaboration delivers our Service Solutions working with national and international professionals to craft immersive experiences that captivate audiences. Our services encompass pre-event planning, equipment setup, live recording, multi-camera production, live streaming, and post-event editing. Whether it’s a corporate conference, product launch, or a grand gala, we work closely with our clients to understand the event’s goals, audience, and unique requirements. From concept to execution, we meticulously plan, capture, and enhance the live visual and auditory components of events, ensuring seamless execution and maximum impact.


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AV Production Services

Resolve Collaboration brings your events to life with top-tier Audio-Video Rental and Production Services. From cutting-edge equipment rentals to seamless multi-camera productions, we deliver a tailored experience that ensures your message resonates with precision and impact. Whether it's a corporate function, live performance, or virtual gathering, trust Resolve Collaboration for a flawless fusion of innovation and expertise in audio-video excellence.
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Event Registration

Our event registration system is designed for easy and efficient gathering organization. With a userfriendly interface and streamlined registration, both organizers and attendees experience a hassle-free process. From swift sign-ups to real-time data tracking, our system provides practical solutions for stressfree event planning.



Resolve Collaboration specializes in delivering top-notch audio and video editing services. With a team of skilled professionals, we meticulously refine your audio recordings and video footage, ensuring clarity, coherence, and a polished final product. Whether it's post-production for podcasts, webinars, or corporate videos, our expertise spans various industries. We bring your content to life, seamlessly merging visual and auditory elements to create a compelling and immersive experience.
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Online the Virtual Recording Studio from Resolve Collaboration provides you with a professionally managed service. We remotely record high quality video content suitable for editing and playback on any meeting or virtual conference platform. With many events today being conducted entirely online, organizations want to put their best foot forward and ensure their speakers are well received and unhindered by technology hiccups. The team from Resolve Collaboration will be your virtual camera crew ensuring that the video content is captured professionally and consistently. In-Person our team arrives at your office equipped with cameras, microphones, and lighting, ensuring a professionally managed recording experience.
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Real-Time Voting

Our platform enables participants to cast their votes in real-time, providing a swift and efficient method for decision-making, polling, or audience engagement during virtual events. Users can submit their votes through a user-friendly interface, and the results are instantly compiled and displayed, offering a dynamic and transparent way to collect feedback, make decisions, or gauge opinions during live online sessions. This solution is often employed in webinars, virtual conferences, and other online events where immediate and interactive audience input is valuable.



Whether you're addressing a live audience or connecting remotely, our teleprompters ensure a seamless delivery, allowing you to maintain eye contact, convey confidence, and enhance audience engagement.
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