Commitment to

At Resolve Collaboration Services Corp, we are committed to upholding the principles and standards outlined in SOC2. While we currently adhere to all the requirements and best practices associated with SOC2, we are in the stage preceding a formal audit process. Our team is diligently working towards achieving SOC2 certification to further demonstrate our dedication to maintaining the highest levels of security, confidentiality, and integrity in handling client data. We take this proactive approach to ensure that our practices align with industry standards, providing our clients with the utmost confidence in our commitment to security

Resolve Collaboration relies on the ( platform for robust security and compliance management. TrustShare™, TrustCloud’s advanced digital platform, facilitates secure handling and sharing of sensitive information among organizations, customers, partners, and stakeholders. We invite you to request access to our portal at We invite you to request access to our portal, providing you with an opportunity to review our comprehensive policies and procedures, including our privacy practices. This portal serves as a centralized resource for insights into our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in data security and privacy