Condo Board Meetings

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Condo Board Meetings

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Condo board meetings are crucial gatherings where the elected board of directors for a condominium association convenes to make important decisions that impact the community. These meetings cover a range of topics, including budget approval, rule enforcement, maintenance and repairs, contract approvals, legal matters, and overall community governance. The board’s responsibility extends to ensuring the financial health of the community, making decisions on common area maintenance, and enforcing community rules.

These meetings serve as a platform for open communication between board members and condo owners, allowing residents to voice their opinions, concerns, and suggestions. The board discusses and approves budgets, addresses ongoing maintenance needs, and makes decisions on contractual agreements with service providers and management companies. Additionally, the
meetings contribute to transparency, helping residents understand the decision-making process and fostering trust in the board’s actions. Overall, condo board meetings play a pivotal role in maintaining a well-functioning and harmonious condominium community by addressing various aspects of governance, management, and community engagement.


Conducting a condo board meeting where there is a request between owners who prefer in-person attendance and those who favor virtual participation presents several challenges. One of the primary challenges is finding a balance that accommodates both preferences while ensuring effective communication and decision-making.

Successfully navigating these challenges involves proactive communication, technological solutions, and a willingness to adapt to the preferences and needs of all condo owners. The board may need to establish clear guidelines, agree on virtual meeting tools, and work towards creating an inclusive and collaborative environment for both in-person and online participants.

Why Resolve

Resolve Collaboration facilitates a smooth integration of technology, providing a user-friendly platform that ensures both in-person and virtual attendees have easy access to meetings, enabling participation, and voting in a streamlined manner.

Our platform is designed to enhance equal participation among in-person and online attendees, fostering an inclusive environment where all participants, regardless of their physical location, can actively engage in discussions and express their opinions effectively.

We prioritize the security and privacy of condo board meetings. Resolve Collaboration employs robust security measures to safeguard virtual meetings, protecting confidential information and ensuring a secure environment for discussions.

Recognizing varying levels of technological competency, Resolve Collaboration provides a user-friendly interface. With intuitive features, the platform makes it easy for all residents to adapt to virtual meeting tools, minimizing potential challenges and fostering inclusivity

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