Emergency Meetings

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Emergency Meetings

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Emergency meetings are called to address urgent and critical issues that require immediate attention and decision-making. These meetings are convened in response to unforeseen circumstances or situations that demand swift action and may pose a significant impact on the organization, its stakeholders, or its operations.

In the event of disruptions to traditional communication channels, Resolve Collaboration can provide range of options, such as remote collaboration tools, teleconferencing and contingency communication plans to ensure that information flows seamlessly within the organization and to stakeholders.

Why Resolve

Resolve Collaboration can play a crucial role in supporting an organization during an emergency by providing tools and solutions that facilitate efficient communication, collaboration, and decision-making.

Virtual Meeting Platforms:

Resolve Collaboration offers on-demand, unlimited virtual meeting rooms equipped with features such as video conferencing, audio conferencing, and real-time chat functionalities.

Our platform leverages WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) for virtual meetings, eliminating the need for specific software installations. Users can join meetings directly from any computer with a web browser, enhancing accessibility and minimizing technical barriers. Furthermore, access and authentication are independent of Single Sign-On (SSO) services,
reducing the risk of compromise during emergencies and ensuring a secure and inclusive environment for all participants.

Fallback to Traditional Teleconferencing:

Recognizing the potential vulnerabilities of digital communication during emergencies, Resolve Collaboration can provide a fallback option to traditional teleconferencing systems. This ensures that, in the event of computer network compromises or technical issues with virtual meeting platforms, participants can seamlessly switch to teleconferencing using landline or mobile phones. This redundancy plan guarantees uninterrupted communication, allowing stakeholders to stay connected and make critical decisions even in challenging circumstances. Additionally, it provides a valuable contingency measure for organizations concerned about cybersecurity threats or disruptions to digital communication channels.

Webcasting and Live Streaming:

For emergency meetings where information needs to be disseminated quickly to a large audience, webcasting and live streaming services can be employed. This allows for real-time broadcasting of emergency meetings to a broad audience, including employees, stakeholders, and the public. To enhance transparency and communication, our platforms also provide integration with popular social media platforms, enabling organizations to live stream their emergency meetings directly to channels such as Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. This not only ensures widespread dissemination of crucial information but also facilitates public engagement and awareness during critical situations.

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