Contenu préenregistré : 4 avantages pour vos événements virtuels


Pre-recorded content is a resource that can be of great use in virtual events. Although in some respects it requires a higher degree of planning compared to live broadcasts, we can derive great benefits from it.

When comparing the two methods, the question naturally arises: Which is better: to hold a live virtual event or to use a pre-recorded event?  

Although both share some characteristics, they differ mainly in the focus of the information to be shared. Content recording allows you to take care of every production detail and keep everything under control. It also gives you the possibility of suppressing errors or failures in post-production.  

These features make it a powerful digital tool, endowed with professionalism and exceptional quality.  

A live virtual event, on the other hand, conveys spontaneity and dynamism. The virtual event manager will seek to keep the attention of the attendees, as he/she will constantly involve them in the process.  

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Here are the main benefits. 

Control and precision over the content

 The first benefit of incorporating pre-recorded content is the control and precision you will have over the multimedia material. As we mentioned at the beginning, it is about producing quality content either for websites or virtual events. Based on this principle we question one thing:  

Do we want an exhaustive planning of every detail shortening the margins of error to the minimum or do we prefer the naturalness and spontaneity of live information?  

Recorded content allows you to establish a targeted and specific line of content. This gives you control over the information you want to convey, without falling into rambling or inaccurate data. Because everything is meticulously planned, the spread of erratic content is eliminated.  


Another benefit of opting for a pre-recorded webinar, for example, is flexibility. This may lead you to ask yourself, « How can I make a pre-recorded webinar that gives my audiences flexibility?  

You should consider that, being pre-recorded content, your target audience will have access to the information at any time and from anywhere in the world. In the long run, opting for this modality will generate more content views and thus a greater target reach.  

The recording of a virtual event will favor views in the short and medium term.  

Descriptive video service

Another way to control and enhance prerecorded content is to add a descriptive video service. This refers to an assistance program for people who are blind or visually impaired.  

In simple words, it is a narrative video that gives users the possibility to follow what happens on the screen, through an audio script. All this using a multimedia recording program as a resource.

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Reduction of technical errors 

Technical Error frustration

Frozen screens, inconsistency between audio and video elements, unnecessary information, or failures with internet service providers… These tend to be the most frequent problems of live transmission. Although you might think that it does not generate a major setback, the space that is invested in solving them could be invested in sharing or learning information of interest.  

Recording a webinar will allow you to forget about most of the problems that plague live broadcasts. This will allow you to preserve the quality of the audio and video, and also to ensure that the information reaches your audiences in its entirety.  

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Controlled interaction between the prerecorded content and the receiver 

Another great advantage of prerecorded content is the control over the interaction between the receiver and the content.  

When we use pre-recorded webinar software we will have the possibility to improve the user experience. How is this achieved?  

Although the interaction between the content generator and the receiver does not develop as naturally as in a live event, it does not mean that there is none. On the contrary, there is software capable of incorporating interactive content, even when it is immovable material.  

In addition, in a recorded webinar you are guaranteed to present the highest quality content. You will be able to incorporate graphic elements that allow you to maintain engagement with the user.  

Working with prerecorded content will allow the incorporation of visual, graphic and interactive elements that significantly increase the visual appeal of the multimedia content.  

Time management in pre-recorded content 

One of the reasons we enjoy live digital content so much today is its ability to connect us with other individuals. Many virtual and hybrid event services offer the possibility of live polls, interactive material or the ability to obtain statistical data from participants in real time. 

However, the spontaneous nature of live content may cause us to exceed the time and the agenda may not be developed in the designated space. Respecting the audience’s time is essential and, moreover, a sign of courtesy. 

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Time management


Stream your prerecorded content with the help of Resolve Collaboration

Virtual events have become a resource increasingly requested by companies and individuals from different areas. The main drawback with this methodology is that very few people are trained to execute it successfully.  

Fortunately, at Resolve Collaboration we have highly trained personnel in the execution of virtual and hybrid events. As well as in the transmission of pre-recorded content through virtual event platforms. This way you don’t have to worry about anything but providing your audience with efficient, quality content.  

By browsing our website you will find testimonials from our customers. Since our founding in 2005, we have successfully held more than 6000 virtual events and reached more than 100,000 viewers.  

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