Pourquoi les conférences virtuelles sont-elles toujours une bonne idée après la pandémie?

Virtual Conferences post pandemic 2022

Over the past few years, the Covid Pandemic has been a hurdle in organizing in-person conferences in offices and conference halls. As an alternative, people have shifted to virtual conferencing and webinars.

 Luckily, the pandemic condition has started improving, thanks to which things are reverting to their normal state. Therefore, people have again started pivoting from virtual to « in-person » conferences, but most of them believe that virtual conferences are still a good idea.

 In fact, around 60% of organizations in the world are planning to invest more in virtual conferencing in the future to adopt it as a preferred and permanent way of communication with their employees. Virtual conferences and webinars offer a wide range of advantages over « in-person » events.

Here, we’re going to summarize the primary reasons why virtual conferences are still a good idea post-pandemic. So, let’s get started.

So is it still a good idea post-pandemic?

Virtual conferences don't limit the number of attendees.

In contrast to « in-person » conferences, virtual conferences and webinars allow the participation of as many attendees as the host wants. Records show that virtual conferences always increase the attendee count because there are no limitations regarding space and accommodations. More and more participants are inclined to attend virtual conferences since they are easy to join from anywhere. The attendees can participate in the virtual meetings in the convenience of their homes without traveling to the office. While attending an online event, the data retrieval is very easy for the participants that help develop their interest in the event proceedings.

Virtual Conferences are cost-effective.

 Virtual conferences are cost-effective because they save the money you would have had to spend on catering, venue, travel, and accommodation in the case of hosting an in-person event.

Only a few digital essentials are required to host an online event, like a webinar. These essentials include a computer and an internet connection that is mainly arranged by the participants.

However, as the attendee count is usually high in virtual conferences, you may want to consider hiring the services of a professional Digital Event Production Company, like Resolve Collaboration Servicesto help manage all the required elements and provide a reliable online event platform

You’ll have to pay for these services, but this cost is way less than hosting a personal event and will ensure a successful production from start to finish.

Virtual conferencing is cost effective

Virtual Events are time-saving.

Save time by doing virtual conferences

Any event will require planning and preparation before the commencement; however, Virtual Events don’t require as much in contrast to in-person events.

You can plan an online event in a few hours or maybe over a day, whereas in-person events generally require days or weeks, for instance, securing a venue so you can then start planning other elements.

When planning a virtual event, dates and times become much more flexible. Once you have a date & time that will work for all presenters, all that is required is to pick a webinar platform, get your registration page and deliver your invitations & promote the event if required. 

It is also important to note that presenters should perform adequate testing prior to the live event.

Hiring the services of a professional online event production company can save you, even more, time and energy, as they will take the majority of the tasks off your plate, ensuring presenters have been tested and a rehearsal of the event completed.

Increase Inclusivity

For multi-national or widespread organizations, virtual conferences are a great way to increase inclusivity for their employees. Virtual conferencing provides a common platform where geographically dispersed delegates can interact with each other to exchange ideas and views. Unlike physical events, translation and captioning options are available in virtual events to boost the accessibility and inclusivity for the participants from different countries and language groups.

Virtual Conferences are environmental-friendly

There are a lot of negative environmental footprints associated with hosting in-person physical events. For example, delegates, staff, and employees must travel to attend an in-person event, which increases environmental pollution. Also consider the food, plastic, and paper wastages.

The best solution to minimize or avoid these environmental footprints is to shift to virtual conferencing.

No travel

Digital Networking has made everything easy.

Virtual events like conferences and webinars allow the staff and employees to interact with the speaker, presenter, or other attendees in a matter of seconds, thanks to modern digital networking. Now, you don’t have to go through crowded exhibition and conference halls to interact with the person or speaker of your choice as you can do with just a few clicks while sitting in front of your computer screen.

Getting Attendees' insights is very easy in Virtual events.

Virtual conferencing provides the options of conducting surveys and polls to get the attendees’ insight in a matter of a few minutes. You can conduct the polling or surveys while the conferencing is ongoing and or after the event. Just create the questions through which you want to get the required information from your attendees and use the survey & polling feature. You’ll have the insights of your attendees by the end of the conference, and/or get the feedback of the participants right after the event.


The above-mentioned reasons best explain the importance of virtual conferences and webinars, even post-pandemic. Virtual conferences can pave the way for the successful administration of your organization.

Hiring a professional virtual event production company is a great option if you want to make the most out of every virtual event that you host. Luckily, Resolve Collaboration Services can assist you with delivering a well-organized, reliable, and cost-effective online event. Resolve is dedicated to making each of your online events a success.


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