Managed Webinars

Host professional, polished webinars that create awareness and elevate your communication to the next level. Resolve’s managed webinars provides all the support and tools you need to make your event a success. We’ll provide guidance and support before, during and after your event to ensure a flawless experience and ensure a technically-sound event.

Here's how we walk you through the process

We'll set-up and customize your registration page, post-event survey, and upload presentations

We'll provide speakers and moderators with hands-on training of the features and tools of the platform

We'll be on the webinar to manage your event with live Q&A moderation, recording, and real-time technical chat

Need a studio to conduct your webinar from?

We have a multimedia broadcast studio in the heart of downtown Toronto where you can present from 24/7 with a professional support team of audio video engineers and even includes a green screen!

Which event type is right for you?

The terms webcast and webinar are often confused, and even used interchangeably sometimes. Here’s a quick breakdown of these two types of web events and what they can offer you and your audience.

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