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MeetView Platform

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MeetView is your premier platform for revolutionizing virtual events. As an industry-leading video broadcasting system, MeetView is meticulously designed to deliver unparalleled quality, flexibility, and engagement for your virtual experiences. Developed in Canada, our proprietary platform reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence, setting new standards for success in the virtual events landscape.

Key Features:

Maximum Flexibility for Branding and Content Delivery:

Tailor the visual identity of your events effortlessly with our fully customizable webcast templates. Integrate your corporate brand seamlessly into the MeetView webcast, ensuring a consistent and professional representation. Collect valuable data from participants through a customized registration portal.

Industry-Leading Video Broadcasting System:

Professional HD video streaming synchronized with your presentations for a visually immersive experience. Two-way interaction among speakers, coupled with one-way broadcast to the audience, perfect for large-scale video broadcasting.

Accessibility at its Core:

Compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to ensure inclusivity. Designed for people with disabilities, including blindness, low vision, deafness, hearing loss, learning disabilities, and more.

Integrated Support for Third-Party Services:

Simultaneous interpretation, closed captioning, multi-language options, and customized voting systems enhance accessibility and engagement. Seamless integration with third-party real-time closed captioning services, supporting both live and AI-based captioning.

Language Support:

MeetView supports events in any language through customizable language sets and dialect options.

Audience Engagement Tools:

Polls, surveys, questionnaires, live chat, Q&A sessions, and interactive maps to keep your audience engaged. Elevate participant involvement with a suite of tools, including voting, live interactive chat, and more.

Auto-Scaling Capabilities:

Accommodate any audience size with automatic on-demand scale-up capacity.

On-Demand Playback:

Extend the reach and availability of your event with on-demand playback. Perfect for attendees in different time zones or those who couldn’t attend the live event.

Easy Audience Attendance:

Hassle-free attendance from any device, supported by our human-powered live help desk for real-time assistance.

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