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Public Hearings

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In the dynamic landscape of regulatory and public affairs, communication is the cornerstone. Resolve Collaboration offers a comprehensive web broadcasting solution, tailor-made to not only meet but exceed the unique needs of regulators conducting public hearings. Our Canadian-based live streaming service ensures a low-cost, simple, and reliable platform for broadcasting these crucial meetings, placing a strong emphasis on public participation and ensuring open and fair access to proceedings.

Key Features:

Inclusive Live Streaming:
Empower public participation by seamlessly broadcasting public hearings in real-time. Extend the reach beyond physical attendance, ensuring a diverse range of voices are heard. Our user-friendly interface makes live streaming simple and accessible for all stakeholders.

Canadian-Based Solution:
Trust in a service tailored to meet Canadian regulatory standards. Secure, compliant, and designed to enhance transparency in all aspects of proceedings.

Cost-Effective and Inclusive Broadcasting:
Reduce operational costs while maximizing inclusivity. A budget-friendly solution that ensures open and fair access to regulatory proceedings.

Versatility and Accessibility:
Accessible across devices, ensuring the general public’s participation from any location. Customize broadcasting options to suit the unique requirements of each public hearing, fostering greater engagement.

Reliable Connectivity for All:
Depend on our robust infrastructure to ensure a stable and uninterrupted streaming experience.
Redundancy features provide backup options to maintain connectivity, ensuring open access to
proceedings at all times.

Why Resolve

Expertise in Regulatory Broadcasting with a Focus on Inclusivity:
Tailored specifically for regulatory bodies, our service reflects an understanding of the importance of public participation and open access.

Canadian Compliance Assurance:
Comply with Canadian regulations and data protection standards. Your data’s security is our top priority, ensuring public trust in the accessibility of proceedings.

Dedicated Support for Open and Fair Access:
Our support team is committed to ensuring not only a smooth broadcasting experience but also open and fair access for all stakeholders. Resolve Collaboration stands by you every step of the way,promoting inclusivity and transparency

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