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This white paper addresses security and privacy related information for Resolve Collaboration Services Corp. collaboration platform product “Meetview”.

This document also describes the security features and access controls in Resolve Collaboration’s processing of personally identifiable information or personal data and customer data in connection with the use of Resolve Collaboration’s products, as well as the location and transfer of personal and other customer data. Resolve Collaboration uses such data in a manner consistent with the Resolve Collaboration Privacy Policy and this white paper. This white paper is supplemental to the Resolve Collaboration Privacy Policy ( The most current version of this white paper will be available on Resolve Collaboration’s website (

Meetview Platform Overview

The Resolve Collaboration Meetview webcast platform is a custom built web-based application, hosted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. The webcast platform is a feature-rich web broadcasting
platform designed to deliver high quality, scalable broadcasting of live audio, video and content. Resolve Collaboration has undertaken careful consideration in the design, deployment and security of the webcast platform to ensure highest level of security, scalability and reliability. In all cases Resolve Collaboration has adopted a security first best practices approach in our service offering.

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Meetview Platform Overview

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Certificates are used between servers within the webcasting environment. In addition, all external facing applications use publicly signed certificates from DigiCert of which Resolve Collaboration is a reseller affiliate.


Administration Application Security

The Resolve Collaboration webcast platform has been deployed based on the best practices for webbased applications. The applications in the solution suite are deployed in AWS and are protected by rolebased access permissions. Employees are assigned specific roles like Administrator, Developer, and Producer. Based on the role assigned, employees can view specific pages.

All access to the AWS platform administrative backend is limited to a specific set of certified Resolve Collaboration employees and uses Amazon two-factor authentication for all access.

Meetview Platform Overview


Webcast platform customers can also be assigned a limited access role that allows them to access the relevant pages for management of the customer specific webcasts only. No access to system wide settings are accessible by customer limited accounts. Additional security measures for webcasts can be configured on a per event basis as determined by the client and Resolve Collaboration. These security services include;

i. Global Password Restriction
Webcast viewers are required to enter a password to access the content. Passwords are set
on a global basis for all viewers of the same webcast

ii. Unique Viewer Password Restriction
A unique password can be generated or provided for each viewer logging into the system.This prevents password sharing amongst viewers. Viewers must enter the unique password to access the content.Multiple logins using the same password can be disabled.

iii. IP Address Whitelist
Access to content can be restricted to a customer provided set of IP addresses.

iv. IP Address Blacklist
Access to the content can be blocked from a set of customer provided IP addresses.

v. Domain Authorized Registration
Webcast participants registering for a webcast must use a customer validated domain email. This will prevent confirmation registration emails from being provided to fake email addresses or domains. (For example, a participant must use an email address to successfully register and receive a confirmation email)

vi. Real-time Participant List
lients have access to the customer webcast manager portal where they can monitor a real-time list of webcast participants.

The Resolve Collaboration webcast platform has extensive reporting capability and provides detailed participant reports.

Resolve Collaboration does not access any webcast customer’s data except as required to enable the features provided by the webcast platform. As this data is considered the property of the client, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure that any information Resolve Collaboration is explicitly requested to collect or implicitly collected by use of the system is in line with the customers privacy policies and meets all regulatory requirements in the regions applicable.

The Resolve Collaboration webcast platform collects and processes logs containing the following

i. Participant Details (includes information such as name, company name, email, phone number or other data points as directed by the client to collect from the participant.)

ii. Participant Activity Details (includes information such as questions submitted, poll answers, chat logs, survey answers and other feedback mechanisms)

iii. Connection and technical data (includes browser connection information such as IP addresses, O/S version, Browser Version, Login time, Registration time, Last Access time, Logout time, Viewing duration, Unique webcasts accessed and participant geographic information)

User information is only used for the propose of providing the requested services and is carried out consistent with the Resolve Collaboration Privacy Policy.

To continually improve the product, Resolve Collaboration collects data to understand how customers use the webcast system. By collecting this data, Resolve Collaboration can identify system level utilization and the combined use of system features. This data informs Resolve Collaboration which features are important and used by clients. Resolve Collaboration uses this information to help guide future development and testing

Common Elements Overview

The common elements outlined here are not specific to the webcast platform outlined in the previous sections. These items apply to general business practices and management at Resolve Collaboration Services Corp.