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Speech Transcription

Transcription services for meetings are designed to convert the spoken word into written text, providing a detailed and accurate record of discussions, decisions, and action items that take place during meetings. This service plays a crucial role in ensuring that the content of meetings is captured comprehensively, making it accessible for review, compliance, reference, or further action.

How Transcription Services Work:

Recording the Meeting:

The process begins with recording the audio or video of the meeting. Resolve Collaboration can record any online, virtual, in-person or hybrid meeting. We can also use an existing recording for a previously recorded meeting.

Transcribing the Recorded Content:

The recorded audio is then transcribed by either automated software (AI-driven) or professional human transcribers. Automated transcription services can quickly provide a rough draft of the meeting’s content, while human transcribers offer a higher accuracy level, especially in dealing with complex terminology, accents, and instances where multiple speakers talk over each other. Resolve Collaboration can help you choose the best option for your needs.

Delivery and Access:

Once the transcription is finalized, it is we will provide the output to you in a preferred format, such as a Word document or PDF.

Overall, transcription services for meetings enhance the utility and reach of the content discussed, serving as a valuable tool for organizations aiming to improve their meeting outcomes and documentation processes

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