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Computer Rental Services

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Resolve Collaboration’s Computer Rental Services offers an all-inclusive, fully managed rental solution designed to elevate your professional webinar and virtual conference experiences. This premium package includes high-performance laptops engineered for optimal online engagement, state-of-the-art cameras for crystal-clear video quality, and top-tier headsets designed for superior audio clarity.

Additionally, clients have the choice between versatile tabletop or discreet lapel microphones, ensuring your voice is heard with precision in every setting. To complete the professional setup, a personal lighting kit is provided to enhance your on-screen presence, guaranteeing you look your best in all lighting conditions. Tailored for those seeking to make a significant impact in their online presentations, our service ensures that every technical aspect is seamlessly managed, allowing you to focus on delivering your message with confidence and style.


Navigating the complex landscape of corporate security policies presents a unique challenge for many companies, particularly when it comes to installing essential conferencing and collaboration software on corporate computers. These restrictive policies can hinder seamless communication, leaving users in search of a viable solution that doesn’t compromise network security. Enter our Presenter Kit Service, crafted to address this very issue by offering users a separate, high-performance system to connect to any conference platform, bypassing the constraints of corporate IT policies without endangering network security.

Moreover, for users facing the additional challenge of being unable or prohibited from connecting to the local network, we provide a comprehensive turnkey solution through our mobile Internet hub rental. This approach not only ensures connectivity regardless of local network restrictions but also maintains the integrity of corporate security policies, making it a strategic solution for uninterrupted collaboration and communication in the most secure environments.

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