Resolve Virtual Recording Studio

Creating video content has never been easier

The Virtual Recording Studio from Resolve Collaboration provides you with a professionally managed service. For instance, we remotely record high quality video content suitable for editing and playback on any meeting or virtual conference platform.

Resolve Virtual Recording Studio

With many events today being conducted entirely online, organizations want to put their best foot forward and ensure their speakers are well received and unhindered by technology hiccups.

In other words, the team from Resolve Collaboration will be your virtual camera crew ensuring that the video content is captured professionally and consistently.

Poly Group Series

Cost Effective Recording Solution

Multiple takes to ensure the perfect shot

No technical skills needed.

Why does a customer need this?

Full Screen Virtual Recording Studio

Firstly, the Virtual Recording Studio is an ideal solution for presenters that can not attend the live event due to time zone or travel restrictions. With a professional pre-recorded session your speaker’s presentation can be played back into your live event with ease.

In addition, it is a great solution as a failsafe plan in case a presenter that is expected to attend in person is suddenly unable to travel. It could be a last-minute emergency that will prevent them from appearing in person. You can rest easy knowing that you can ensure the durability and consistency of your event with the pre-recorded session on standby.

To sum up, our production team will guide your speakers through the entire process and ensure that the video captured has the highest quality audio and video.

What is the Resolve Collaboration Process?


Schedule the date and time of your recording session


Meet with your producer to discuss the desired output


Provide you with a recording agenda


Your speakers receive a personal recording link to join the meeting


Operators confirm audio, video, and network quality


Operators advise on best lighting, positioning, and background


Record your content


Do a second or third take, it’s up to you!


Receive your media file by download

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