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Framed multiple

Graphics Package

Picture in Picture

Enhance the visual appeal of your virtual or hybrid event by incorporating a tailored graphics package into your meeting. A Graphics Package not only lends a heightened level of professionalism but also provides a polished visual identity, enabling you to seamlessly integrate your branding.

Our Graphics Packages are uniquely crafted to align with your specific requirements and preferences. This means that each package is meticulously designed to reflect the distinctive elements of your event, ensuring a cohesive and visually captivating experience for your audience. From dynamic visual elements to branded overlays, our custom-designed Graphics Packages elevate the overall aesthetic, leaving a lasting impression on your attendees.

In essence, integrating a Graphics Package into your virtual or hybrid event is a strategic move to not only enhance the overall look and feel but also to reinforce your brand identity, making your event stand out with a professional and cohesive visual presentation.

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Each Graphics Package is custom designed to your specifications.

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Framed border


A framed border and background are ideal for a single speaker.


Lower Third

A Lower Third or Name Key is a small graphic that shows the presenter's name and/or title. You can include your company branding or logo here as well. Typically we’ll include your company logo in the corner (often called a “Bug”)

Framed multiple

Multiple Screens

Just like the Frame for a single speaker, we can add frames for two, three or more people.

Picture in Picture


To include PowerPoint content in an elegant layout we can build the perfect layout to see the content and the speaker.

Webcast Slate

Holding Slate

Holding Slates are used at the start of an event. This is a simple loop animation that lets your audience know they are in the right place and that their audio and video are working. Your logo, branding and any special messaging can be included here.

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