Virtual Services

For Remote Witnesses

Virtual Services

For Remote Witnesses

Anywhere you want

Resolve Collaboration Virtual Services for Remote Witnesses offers courts, law firms and legal agencies a simple easy solution for witnesses to participate in proceedings virtually. 

Our service provides participants with a private space outfitted with a laptop and webcam to allow them to join the virtual hearings without having to worry about managing technology, distractions around them, or a lack of privacy. 

The Resolve Collaboration partner list includes hundreds of locations across Canada, The United States, and worldwide located in professional business centres and offices.

Why Choose This Service

Private Space Service

Private Space

A hearing is a sensitive matter, and you may prefer to provide participants with a private space away from their home or office.

Technology Ready


Our service provides equal access to virtual hearings without the worry of technology or the lack of access to technology.

Turnkey Service

Turnkey Service

Resolve Collaboration takes care of all the research and correspondence necessary to find, test, and schedule the venues.

Billing point of contact


Billing is made easy with Resolve as your single point of contact for all locations.

Committed Expert Partners

"I have been using Resolve Collaboration’s services for close to 15 years. Their customer service is exceptional and they are always quick to adapt to our needs. The time and travel costs that they have saved the courts over the years is incalculable."


Compatible with all major video platforms

Provide your witness with the latest technology and let us do all the hard work for you.

Resolve is Compatible with All Streaming Platforms

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